Antivirus: New Symantec Mac forum

Even though Office 2008 doesn’t support VBA at this time (which should change in the next version of Office), you can still receive infected Word, Excel or PPT documents. They won’t infect your Mac, but you can still pass them along to collaborators and friends who might be on a Windows machine.
Regardless, it’s good practice to use and Antivirus.
Symantec has been on the market for virtually ever and also provides Internet security (read firewall, etc) software. Ages ago, they had a fairly active MacFixIt-based forum. When they decided to move away from this solution, the forums (and support) got more or less diluted in the general Symantec resources.
Up to recently, support for the Mac software was in the “Other software” section of the Symantec forums, lost amongst other questions for less popular software.
Well this is over now, Tony Weiss at Symantec just pointed out to me that there is a new Mac section in the Symantec forums 🙂
This means a few things to me:
1) Mac question will be easier to pick for the Symantec folks (Mike Romo, who was ruling over the MFI forums is still there actually)
2) Finding previously posted questions will be significantly easier
3) Well, could it be a sign of the consistently increasing Mac marketshare?? More Mac, means more customers, which means more attention from companies like Symantec. More sweethearts might also mean more customers who already have the “antivirus reflex” and might already know Symantec.

In any case, as far as I am concerned, it’s all good for us.

Now the next step would be localized groups :->
Since at this point the groups are in English only, I won’t even bother to translate this post :-\