Thoth 1.8.3

Even though Thoth development has officially ceased….. Brian released today an update for version 1.8. Version 1.8.3 just came out.

According to the release notes, the corrections in these version are:

  • Increased the maximum number of connections per news server to 8 (the same as the all server cumulative maximum).
  • Changed URL parsing to allow commas in URLs.
  • Fixed a bug with misspelled text styling in message windows that could cause Thoth to hang in certain conditions (when parsing text that looked like or was an URL and which contained a comma or quotation mark).

Brian still corrects the newly discovered crashers and small bugs.

4 thoughts on “Thoth 1.8.3

  1. Works like a charm. Users who want to see 2.0 released should email Brian and signal their interest in paying for Vs 2+. There’s a small campaign out in usenet to gauge interest in potential payers for Vs 2+ that logged over a hundred positive responses.

    If, as someone commented below in this blog, you use Thoth 1.x every day but don’t want to pay for a “dead” app – and so didn’t – you might consider sending an email too, leaving out the part that you are a cheapskate who doesn’t mind using an unpaid-for application “every” frigging “day” and bragging about it.

    If you don’t want to pay for a “dead app,” don’t use it. Pay for a “live app” and use that instead. It does wonders for one’s self-respect, I believe. Peace.

  2. Well… it’s not my fault :-\
    I haven’t heard from Brian in quite a while (which is unusual since I’m usually the one who’s late to reply back).
    Brian repeatedly stated that due to lack of interest from users, development was dead, but in the same time, he had moved forward with Toth 2.0.
    I don’ know what the status really is. I sure would like to believe there is some hope, but I really can’t tell,

  3. Thoth 1.8.4…

    Version 1.8.4 makes the following additional changes:

    Worked around a problem with some news servers such as Giganews that return an unexpected 503 response code for the XHDR command for unavailable header types. The 503 response is defined for the newer HDR command but is not a standard response for the XHDR command. Also modified XHDR command handling to allow 225 as a successful response code (the correct command successful code for the newer HDR command) in addition to the standard 221 response. Thoth has also accepted the 224 response that is erroneously returned by some Microsoft news servers for many years (224 is the correct response code for the XOVER command).
    Modified the wording of the checkbox in the “Maximum Number to Fetch” dialogs from “Mark Unshown Posts Read” to “Mark “Maximum Number” Unread and Older Posts Read” and updated the User Guide to explain what this option does.
    Worked around an OS X problem that could cause ever increasing RAM use when doing lots of file reads and writes (especially binary downloading).

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