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  1. Brian sounds like a bit of a whiner. I’m sorry but that’s the way that page comes across. If you want hype for your application you’ve got to go out and solicit yourself. You can’t just go out and let it be known that your app /may/ come out but you wanna know that it’ll be snatched up by every Mac user around before you allow anyone to have it.
    Nobody knew that it was coming out, that’s why you didn’t get much response. It’s easy to blame everyone else for not getting the word out but it’s your baby and in the end it’s your fault if no major Mac websites ran the story. It’s all about the marketing baby!

    To tell you the truth, I use Thoth every day as it’s my favorite USEnet reader but I didn’t register it since I found it after development had ceased and I sure wasn’t going to send my money in for a dead product.

  2. I also use thoth ‘late’ after dev stopped. Id wine a little too after so much hard work. I take it that Brian has given up completely?

    pls post any change here


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