More Thoth 2.0 screen captures

Brian sent me a few more screen captures today 🙂

The Filters List screenshot shows how the filters list has been simplifier and improved. With the change in how mfilter groups are named and applied, the live filtering has gotten simpler and less confusing. And It made sense to have two lists in the window: one with the filter groups, now likely to be many fewer in number than in Thoth 1.x, and the filters matching the items selected in the groups list. It’s now easy to rename groups, copy filters to a differnt group, or move the, etc.


There are two more Preferences dialog screenshots. The one for Personalities shows how this information is now set. The quotation in the signature is, of course, from Wordsworth’s famous sonnet about the King’s College Cambridge Chapel. The News Servers screenshot shows the first pane used to configure a news server. Note that the server name and authentication settings are now all in the first pane, so that when people first configure a news server the authentication setting can’t be forgotten or overlooked.



7 thoughts on “More Thoth 2.0 screen captures

  1. The new standard GUI is that Add and Delete buttons are little square + and – located at the bottom left or right of the pane where the actions are being taken. Rename would be in a popup with a rotating gear as an icon. Just look at the bottom left of Mail.

  2. there is plenty of talk of thoth 1.8-2.0 on the mac related news groups… I as a registered user would like to see it put back on the market I felt a little bit lost and ts getting long in the tooth. Its still better than mnay apps on the Mac side and way better than most on the PeeCee side. Although grabit my brother uses folder making feature would be cool [auto makes then I think]

  3. If Brian is reading:

    I love Thoth, I think it is one of the most solid pieces of software I have ever used and even though it hasn’t been updated in years I still use it ever day, even though I have upgraded every other piece of software I own.

    I paid for your great software before and I will pay for it again. The screen shots look great. Hope to see the working program soon. I would love to beta.

    Can’t wait to use it, can’t wait to support your great work again.


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